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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Life Ended To Soon

Life took over-what can I say, one of our boys was diagnosed with rectal cancer at the age of 18, that was such a shock to us all.

He came here from lands far away, the journey was to find a better life and instead he found it ended.

We did not understand what was happening or why,our days were taken up with hospital visits,radiotherapy,chemo,stoma bags,morphin, then news that it had spread and was now terminal did not sink in, we could not accept it at first especially him, he wanted to know when his next chemo would be-this only after the consultant had explained to him they could do no more. I requested another session so it could be explained again, I could not tell him myself, how could I explain to him that his life was over at 18?

It was only a few weeks later that he passed away, gently in his sleep, now at last free from the alien cells taking over his system and shutting them down one by one.

He is still with us every day, we remember his gentleness,kindness,helpfulness,humour and patience. How he called the cat 'madam', made friends with everyone he met, filled our lives with so much goodness.

Time is a healer they say, but the tears don't stop and we hope that is true, but how much time must pass before the hurt and lumps in the throat feelings go away?

for S 1994-2012

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