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Monday, 7 May 2012

Wow, just remembered I have not been adding anything to my blog since February, naughty girl. I have been so busy though so do forgive me. Another new grandson born recently. I made a nice blanket for him as well, will put it up when I have found the photos I took.
The latest whim I have is to make the Baby Surprise Jacket by hand. So I sent for the book by Elizabeth Zimmerman 'Knitting workshop' Schoolhouse Press. The yarn has been purchased, the needles are ready so I opened up the book to the page of the pattern I wanted and started to read it. Bad idea, I got stuck on the neck decrease, which seemed not to make much sense to me. So I have spent the entire day looking for help on this subject. I am so happy that I have found so much information about it that I have to get a folder ready.
There are even videos for a step-by-step tutorial, now how can I go wrong with that? Well, we shall see-if there is one thing I know it's that if there is a way to go wrong on something that I will always end up doing it.
stubbornness though is my middle name, I will do this!!
I want to start a Knit-a-long, so if anyone would like to join me here is a great chance to help each other out with this darling little jacket.

Of course, you may have to purchase the pattern, but I believe you can get a pack of three (newborn,child and adult) for about $10 from Schoolhouse Press. Will be posting my progress soon, keep passing by.

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