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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Whole day wasted

Here today I have wasted the whole day dithering around trying to work out what sort of edging to put on the cot blanket I have just completed!

I did start by using a pie crust edging, but after a few inches of that I got a bit worried that baby might catch his little fingers in the loops. So off it came, then I thought I would just use 30 needles to knit a long strip and gather it here and there as I sewed it on-after a few rows I gave up on this idea as well. Now I have found something called 'double mock crochet braid', perhaps I shall try that now. 

My grandson is 4 months old now, so perhaps he can wait for a while yet-until I get my brain sorted out!

He looks like he is ready to give me a box round the ears too!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Aaargh!!! Silly old moo I am, started a baby blanket for my latest grandson in a lovely pale blue 4-ply. Wanted to make it for his cot, so off I went merrily swish-swish-swish and what happens on the 650th row? Ran out of yarn! Oh yes, YOU have been there I know. I could not get it wide enough on the machine with only 200 needles as I wanted 260, so decided to do two panels of 130 each and 700 rows should be enough. 

Now, what shall I do? Make another panel in a darker shade of blue or perhaps white? Or shall I do a wide enough trim all around in the darker blue-maybe I can find a pattern for that somewhere. I am not too good at crochet but might have a go at it...probably end up in a worse mess than now, but I am certainly NOT frogging all those lovely rows of tuck stitch-no way!
The pieces are 55cm wide.
Perhaps someone would have an idea??

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Using my Knitmaster 700

It has been in the loft for the past 3 years. Then I decided, hey, I might as well get it down and start using it. The 'getting down' bit was the most difficult part but with the help of my boys I finally managed to get it all set up. I remembered it would need a good clean and oil so I started on that, then I had to keep going up and getting all the accessories for it. The ribber nearly had me thrown face down the stairs when it caught in the corner of the banister but I finally made it.
There were many pieces that I could not recognize, small bits of metal and plastic. Sometime soon I will get them photographed and put on here, maybe someone could help me out with identifying them?

Here is the set up, the sewing machine was given to me by my daughter also about three years ago so I got that down and placed it near the knitting machine.

All set to go, maybe a blanket first just to get used to using this machine? The punch cards are all in a blue box under the sewing machine so I found one which is a tuck stitch (card No.4). Then I e-wrap cast-on 100 stitches and knit 5 rows using the last row to unlock the punchcard. I then knit 500 rows in the tuck stitch pattern, then another 5 rows It took me about 45 mins to do that piece. I did a bind off, left the piece to settle while I made a second identical piece. These I will join together with a flat stitch after which I will find a suitable edging pattern to do all the edges with. Photographs to come in my next post.