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Monday, 6 February 2012

Aaaah, been looking at a great big cone of 2/28 in white now for about a week and trying to get my head around how I am going to use it. Three times I have been into the loft as I remember there was a similar cone in pale green. Opened every box of yarn I had but could not find it. I did find a cone of 2/28 in a nice deep blue which I could use with the white so I brought it down. As soon as I did that, I opened a drawer to look for something and there was the green, sitting quietly and mocking me. Sod's law. Now I had to decide which one to combine......this is just too much for my brain cells to take.
A baby blanket then, always a good project to get started with when you have been 'dry' for a while, perhaps plating? Setting up the yarn I had a go at plating using two strands in each feeder and punch card No 10 from the basic set-nope, it was not going to work....too finicky for a novice such as I.
OK, maybe a tuck using two colours....that might be something to try. I must admit that I feel such a useless dork when I just can't get my head around something......and surely a knitting machine does not need a PhD to use?
Will let you know soon how I am getting on and whether I have any hair left!