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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sore throat

My machine, a Knitmaster 700, is not well. Some kind of ailment has infected it which is causing looping on the left end of the bed. I have attempted several home remedies-removal and checking the sponge bar (in good condition as put in a new one last year and have not used the machine), removal of all needles which I then cleaned and checked (three suspect slightly bent ones I have replaced), checking of all wheels and cogs on carriage-nothing unusual found.
Now I am totally flummoxed, what is the ailment and where can I find a cure?
If anyone has an idea I would be pleased indeed to try out any suggestions.
Here is a photo of the problem. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

No Knitting

It seems I have lost my mojo, no knitting now for about a year. Machine sits forlornly there patiently waiting for my touch like a basset hound in a mansion.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Getting back into it

The machine has been idle now for so many months. Finally I got myself bothered and did a fair isle swatch in pink and white for a baby blanket.
I have just noticed a dropped stitch too, must check those needles.
Have not changed one needle since I got the machine.
I don't like using the full needle bed of 200 needles so will use 196 needles x 324 rows to give a rectangle. When it's done I can crochet a wide border all round. Time to get started then!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sewing a baby receiving blanket

I found this great video on YouTube which shows you how to sew a self binding baby blanket. It took me about an hour and came out great. I was so pleased with it I went all the way to Southall to see if I could get suitable material for another one, but I had no luck.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Life Ended To Soon

Life took over-what can I say, one of our boys was diagnosed with rectal cancer at the age of 18, that was such a shock to us all.

He came here from lands far away, the journey was to find a better life and instead he found it ended.

We did not understand what was happening or why,our days were taken up with hospital visits,radiotherapy,chemo,stoma bags,morphin, then news that it had spread and was now terminal did not sink in, we could not accept it at first especially him, he wanted to know when his next chemo would be-this only after the consultant had explained to him they could do no more. I requested another session so it could be explained again, I could not tell him myself, how could I explain to him that his life was over at 18?

It was only a few weeks later that he passed away, gently in his sleep, now at last free from the alien cells taking over his system and shutting them down one by one.

He is still with us every day, we remember his gentleness,kindness,helpfulness,humour and patience. How he called the cat 'madam', made friends with everyone he met, filled our lives with so much goodness.

Time is a healer they say, but the tears don't stop and we hope that is true, but how much time must pass before the hurt and lumps in the throat feelings go away?

for S 1994-2012

Monday, 7 May 2012

Wow, just remembered I have not been adding anything to my blog since February, naughty girl. I have been so busy though so do forgive me. Another new grandson born recently. I made a nice blanket for him as well, will put it up when I have found the photos I took.
The latest whim I have is to make the Baby Surprise Jacket by hand. So I sent for the book by Elizabeth Zimmerman 'Knitting workshop' Schoolhouse Press. The yarn has been purchased, the needles are ready so I opened up the book to the page of the pattern I wanted and started to read it. Bad idea, I got stuck on the neck decrease, which seemed not to make much sense to me. So I have spent the entire day looking for help on this subject. I am so happy that I have found so much information about it that I have to get a folder ready.
There are even videos for a step-by-step tutorial, now how can I go wrong with that? Well, we shall see-if there is one thing I know it's that if there is a way to go wrong on something that I will always end up doing it.
stubbornness though is my middle name, I will do this!!
I want to start a Knit-a-long, so if anyone would like to join me here is a great chance to help each other out with this darling little jacket.

Of course, you may have to purchase the pattern, but I believe you can get a pack of three (newborn,child and adult) for about $10 from Schoolhouse Press. Will be posting my progress soon, keep passing by.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Aaaah, been looking at a great big cone of 2/28 in white now for about a week and trying to get my head around how I am going to use it. Three times I have been into the loft as I remember there was a similar cone in pale green. Opened every box of yarn I had but could not find it. I did find a cone of 2/28 in a nice deep blue which I could use with the white so I brought it down. As soon as I did that, I opened a drawer to look for something and there was the green, sitting quietly and mocking me. Sod's law. Now I had to decide which one to combine......this is just too much for my brain cells to take.
A baby blanket then, always a good project to get started with when you have been 'dry' for a while, perhaps plating? Setting up the yarn I had a go at plating using two strands in each feeder and punch card No 10 from the basic set-nope, it was not going to work....too finicky for a novice such as I.
OK, maybe a tuck using two colours....that might be something to try. I must admit that I feel such a useless dork when I just can't get my head around something......and surely a knitting machine does not need a PhD to use?
Will let you know soon how I am getting on and whether I have any hair left!