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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Whole day wasted

Here today I have wasted the whole day dithering around trying to work out what sort of edging to put on the cot blanket I have just completed!

I did start by using a pie crust edging, but after a few inches of that I got a bit worried that baby might catch his little fingers in the loops. So off it came, then I thought I would just use 30 needles to knit a long strip and gather it here and there as I sewed it on-after a few rows I gave up on this idea as well. Now I have found something called 'double mock crochet braid', perhaps I shall try that now. 

My grandson is 4 months old now, so perhaps he can wait for a while yet-until I get my brain sorted out!

He looks like he is ready to give me a box round the ears too!

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