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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Aaargh!!! Silly old moo I am, started a baby blanket for my latest grandson in a lovely pale blue 4-ply. Wanted to make it for his cot, so off I went merrily swish-swish-swish and what happens on the 650th row? Ran out of yarn! Oh yes, YOU have been there I know. I could not get it wide enough on the machine with only 200 needles as I wanted 260, so decided to do two panels of 130 each and 700 rows should be enough. 

Now, what shall I do? Make another panel in a darker shade of blue or perhaps white? Or shall I do a wide enough trim all around in the darker blue-maybe I can find a pattern for that somewhere. I am not too good at crochet but might have a go at it...probably end up in a worse mess than now, but I am certainly NOT frogging all those lovely rows of tuck stitch-no way!
The pieces are 55cm wide.
Perhaps someone would have an idea??


  1. How about 2 smaller panels to go on each side of your larger panel. Make it look like you planned it that way. ;)

  2. That's a good idea-I could get away with something like that. Slowly getting the cobwebs out of my head on this one, thanks for you suggestion Lynne.